19-20 October

Global hackathon focused on programmable communications

Prize Pot: $15k (plus lots of goodies)


Developer Resources

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More locations coming soon!

Guide to TADHack

TADHack, since its founding in 2014, has always been hybrid. You can take part in-person or remote.

Check out this Guide to TADHack Global 2023 for information and advice on getting the most out of TADHack. If you have questions, just ask in the comments section of that weblog, thanks.

Check out the ‘Choose your location’ section on this page, click on the location you can attend, and then on the specific location page click on the register button. You’re now on the TADHack Global 2024 list! The Location page will contain the address, schedule, and other important information about the specific location. If there is no location close by, you can take part in the Global Remote location.

Review the TADHack Global Sponsor’s developer resources (coming soon). To win prizes please use at least one of their technologies. The more you mash up the more prizes you can win.

We’ll use TADS Slack for communications.

Why Take Part in TADHack?

Winning at TADHack helped me get my dream job.

SachaTADHack participant

TADHack meant I could test out ideas and meet people who helped me found my startup Voxist.

KarelFounder Voxist

There simply is no better event to meet local entrepreneurs and global business leaders than TADHack.

Anneipcortex and TADHack London

I wanted to thank you again for organizing this event. I really enjoyed it and I felt very comfortable being there

GenesisFirst time hackathon attendee

TADHack is for everyone: coders, designers, IT / web people, students, business people, and more. We spread the love across lots of cash prizes. All we want to do is promote you and your ideas built on our global sponsors.

AlanFounder TADHack