Our mentorship program was launched in 2016 to help budding telecom application innovators get the advice and help you need to build your business using telecom capabilities. The TADS ecosystem is focused on helping anyone interested in telecom application development. TADMentor is one of the ways in which we hope to demystify the process of building a business using telecom capabilities and making the connections necessary to make your business successful.

Who are the mentors?

TADS sponsors and partners have an unmatched wealth of experience in telecom application development and contacts with most of the relevant people / investors around the world. We have global and local sponsors and partners for each hackathon event we hold throughout the year.

Who can join?

All registered participants to any of our hackathons will have access to the program. Be sure to enter your email when you register and you will be automatically enrolled.

How do I benefit?

Are you are a start-up, business, or individual using telecom capabilities (e.g. APIs, WebRTC, open or closed source platforms) in your applications, services or business processes? If you are seeking investment, help, or advice in building your business, TADMentor will match you with a mentor who can help.

This program offers:

  •  Global Reach: TADS sponsors are distributed around the world and their combined contact list reaches most of the investors / people around the world relevant to telecom app development
  • Local Help: Mentors could even be based in the same city as you
  • Flexibility: Choose what’s right for you, do not get trapped in a silo
  • Expert Guidance: From an unmatched mind-trust of experience in using telecom capabilities in applications, services and business processes