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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS 

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS is a robust, cloud-based development platform that enables developers to seamlessly integrate communications actions, such as voice and messaging, into any application via an API.

Getting started on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS is easy. Sign up for FREE at Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and play around with our API using your FREE credit.

You can learn more about Avaya OneCloud CPaaS at any of the links below:


Avaya Cloud Office APIs

Avaya Cloud Office is powered by RingCentral, and you can also hack using RingCentral’s APIs for voice, SMS, messaging, meetings, and fax.

The developer sign-up and resources are all available here: https://developers.ringcentral.com/.

To see what others have built using RingCentral APIs for Avaya Cloud Office check out the App Gallery: https://www.ringcentral.com/apps/?compatibility=avayacloudoffice.



For more info on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, visit avaya.com and follow us on twitter @avaya, to stay up to date on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS leading up to the TADHack Global Hackathon. If you’ve got any questions, send us an email