TADHack-mini Paris

12 – 13 December Paris

Our Paris mini hackathon will run 2 days before the WebRTC Conference Expo in December. The winners will be able to pitch to the main conference, a mix of industry leaders, technology vendors, developers, enterprises, web companies and telcos from around the world.

TADHack-mini 2015 WebRTC Paris
Prize pot

Thank you to all who participated in TADHack mini Paris and made the event such a success! A big thanks to our sponsors Apidaze, Circuit by Unify, Telestax, Tropo (CiscoSpark), Truphone, VoxImplant, and NUMA. And a special thanks to Randy Resnick Trio for Saturday evening’s entertainment.

We had 60 people onsite packed into our hackathon space at NUMA Sentier, and several remote entries. From developers with little experience in telecoms to renown web/enterprise hackers, we had the opportunity to see innovative ideas in: IOT remote monitoring, traveling video-chats, WhatsApp hacking, multi-media CRM, mobile-enabled Q&A and much more in 2.5 hours of solid pitches. You can get a re-cap of our event and read more about the winners in our weblog below.

Read a recap of the event See videos from the event See photos from the event
Numa Sentier


NUMA Sentier

39 Rue du Caire, 75002 Paris


Circuit by Unify


Saturday December 12

10AM Start
Noon – 1PM Lunch
6 – 7PM Dinner
7PM Live music with Randy Resnick Trio
9 PM Close

Sunday December 13

10AM Start
Noon – 1PM Lunch
2 – 4PM Pitches
4:30PM Prizes and then a few drinks
5 PM close

Featuring Live Music by Randy Resnick Trio

Developer Resources


Developer Portal: Developers can get their apps information and access the complete documentation of our REST/XML/JavaScript APIs. The swagger based HTTP/REST documentation also allows developers to take immediate actions from the portal like creating SIP accounts, directly from the web portal. Each HTTP/REST action is also available in its cURL version (cURL is actually used internally to launch the HTTP request), thus allowing developers to copy/paste and test request anywhere.

Apidaze Developer How-to Video

Apidaze Tech Blog

WebRTC Server Example: A sample web application that uses APIdaze audio/video conference bridge accessible from the web using WebRTC and the PSTN (using a simple HTTP/REST with cURL).

WebRTC Audio Stats Sample App: A sample web application that shows how to gather RTCP statistics from APIdaze WebRTC audio bridge, very useful to monitor the quality of the underlying network connection.

WebRTC Call Monitor App: Monitor incoming calls placed to a DID from a web application without using SIP nor XMPP. Here, the Google Channel API is used as the signaling channel, and the presented incoming call can be answered directly from the browser using WebRTC.


Circuit is an enterprise WebRTC based team communication and collaboration cloud service. Circuit unifies the silos of people, content and business transactions, bringing high-quality voice, video, real-time document editing and management, messaging and file sharing into a single view, across an entire team.

Here’s how you can explore Circuit:
Sign up at our Developer Community Portal and get access to:
– Your personal Circuit sandbox
– Our developer resources (REST API, JS SDK, NodeJS SDK) and cPaaS (collaborative platform-as-a-service) use cases
– A developer support forum for Q&A and feedback.

Getting started:
Start with this blog article


TeleStax provides Open Source Communications Software and Services. TeleStax provides RestComm, a next generation Cloud Communications Platform to rapidly build Voice, Video, and Messaging Applications, using your existing Web and Mobile Development Skills.

Restcomm resources:
Restcomm Github Project
RestComm Cloud
RestComm Docker Image
Restcomm API Technical documentation and tutorials
Restcomm Android WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API
Restcomm iOS WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API
Restcomm JavaScript WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API

Community forums:
Stack Overflow forum
Google RestComm forum

Video resources:
How-to blog and video
RestComm Application Examples and prior TADHack winners videos
RestComm WebRTC Example Videos


Cloud API for Voice and SMS. Tropo makes it simple to build phone and SMS applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo’s powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to your apps.

Tropo Sandbox: Sign up and get access to the free Tropo sandbox to play with the Tropo API.

Tropo Support: There are several methods to get help on Tropo, whether you need best practice suggestions, answers to general how to questions/code problems or help brainstorming a solution to a unique problem you’re trying to solve.


VoxImplant is a cloud platform for developing real-time communication apps with full control over all voice and video calls. What makes VoxImplant unique among other solutions is its cloud application engine that provides developers with a way to control every call leg using JavaScript logic. In addition, VoxImplant allows embedding business logic in JavaScript scenarios and reducing requirements for the application backend services. The JavaScript code running in our cloud provides access to text-to-speech and speech recognition engines, IVR, ACD, Call Lists, audio/video player and recorder, as well as enables third-party services to send and receive HTTP requests, and much more! The platform architecture streamlines the debugging process by means of an integrated web-based debugger that offers a number of handy features similar to Chrome Dev Tools or Firebug. Our web and iOS/Android SDKs use WebRTC engine for audio/video call support.

VoxImplant Management Console:  Sign up and use sandbox phone numbers to create and debug your apps. For technical details and additional information about the account balance, contact our technology evangelist grigoryvp@voximplant.com.

Online documentation:  Learn about our cloud JavaScript API, HTTP REST API, best practices, and solutions for common use cases.

Our blog:  In-depth articles on how to use our platform to bring your ideas to life.


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