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Open API Challenge

Scope of the challenge

Discover the beautiful adventure of using APIs. Show your creativity with a main focus on the Healthcare messenger API surrounded with other communication APIs that KPN and KPN partners will provide. Discover, build and inspire the rest of the world! Use your skills and contribute to the society of telecommunications!


CUBES by KPN is the innovation engine of KPN where new products spring to life. The strategy is simple: to simplify, to grow and to innovate in the communication area.

They use their network as a basis; only by working together they can go beyond today’s solutions. Together with young, talented entrepreneurs and the latest generation of cutting-edge technology companies they work on the applications of tomorrow.

API Marketplace
At the CUBES by KPN API Marketplace they offer the portfolio of API building blocks needed for organizations to simplify, grow and innovate their business. CUBES provide KPN solutions but also solutions from 3rd party providers. As technology evolves in a fast pace, the API Marketplace is updated and expanded constantly. By working together with their partners and customers they can accelerate the development of valuable ideas.

Cubes by KPN wants to let developers discover the world of APIs during TADhack Global 2018. They have chosen for an open challenge to let the developers show their creativity and to discover new things with this way of working. The open challenge means that the participants can build what they want using the APIs, if it meets the below criteria.

These are the APIs KPN and KPN partners will provide for the challenge on TADhack Global 2018:

SMS – Nexmo
Number insight – Nexmo
Verify – Nexmo
Secure messenger – Parley

API Store link: https://developer.cubesbykpn.com/

(To see the documentation and the way of using the APIs: https://developer.cubesbykpn.com/getting-started )

For Secure messenger – Parley, please contact our staff using Riot

To qualify for the prizes you have to make use of the Healthcare Messenger API. Because it’s an open challenge it is also going to be judged on the creativity of the product and the added value to the society of your creation. For the best creation there will be a prize of $1000 credits on the KPN API Store!

During the hackathon Cubes by KPN provides remotely support. If there are some issues about the platform or APIs you can contact Dejan, Kees, Qing-Wen or Nirupam on Riot



Saturday 13 October

  • 9AM Arrive and sponsor presentations
  • Noon-1PM Lunch
  • 6PM Close

Sunday 14 October

  • 9AM Arrive
  • Noon-1PM Lunch
  • 2-4PM Pitches
  • 5PM Prize awards and drinks

Developer Resources

Looking for help from the sponsors on how to use their technology?

Platform info, support pages, how-to videos and other useful links can be found in our dedicated developer resources section.

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