Temasys Resources

The Temasys SkylinkTM Real-Time Communications Platform offers a full cloud-hosted solution with easy-to-use SDKs to help any developer enable real-time audio, video, data communication into any app, on any device, at any scale.

Whether you’re developing apps for iOS, Android or the Web, we have elegant, easy-to-use SDKs to support you. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to bringing real-time communications to life in your application with our SDKs!

Jump start your prototype!

Once you’ve signed up for a Temasys account and set up your first app key, you can download our ready-to-use sample apps and simply replace your keys in the config files and you are good to go! (follow the readmes on the sample apps)

The samples below are split internally into independent audio, video, messaging, file transfer components to demonstrate each functional behaviour.

For Web Developers: Additional Resources

If you’re new to Temasys SkylinkJS, the following resources are designed to help you get started and up to speed quickly:

For Android Developers: Additional Resources

If you are new to Temasys SDK for Android, here is a list of resources to get you started!

For iOS Developers: Additional Resources

If you are new to Temasys SDK for iOS, here is a list of resources that can help you get started!

Still Having trouble kickstarting your Temasys-powered app?

We maintain a list of articles, frequently asked questions, and solutions on our support portal at http://support.temasys.com.sg/support/solutions.

  1. Contact our team by creating a new support ticket, and our team will get back to you to help you with your enquiry.
  2. Chat with one of our support engineers using the live chat features on our website at temasys.io. It usually pops up on the lower right hand side of the screen.  Sometimes we are busy but if you leave us a note with your email address we’ll get back to you ASAP!