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Telestax, Dialogic, and DataArt are teaming up to offer Restcomm powered by PowerMedia XMS, a unified Cloud Communications platform with advanced media capabilities to rapidly build scalable VOICE, VIDEO, and MESSAGING Applications, using your existing Web and Mobile Development Skills. Get started with RestComm powered by PowerMedia XMS now!

Restcomm Registration for TADHack
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Restcomm API resources:
Restcomm API Technical documentation and tutorials
Restcomm Android WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API
Restcomm iOS WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API
Restcomm JavaScript WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API

Online Help: Gitter Public Channel

Community forums:
Stack Overflow forum
Google RestComm forum

Video developer resources:
How-to blog and video
RestComm Application Examples and prior TADHack winners videos
RestComm WebRTC Example Videos
Building the Apps