Matrix Resources

Matrix is an open source distributed persistent messaging fabric with eventual consistency, open federation and strong cryptographic guarantees – used for securely exchanging messages and synchronising communication history between humans, devices and services with no single points of control or data ownership. It consists of an open standard defining RESTful HTTP APIs and open source, Apache-licensed reference server and client implementations for exchanging and persisting arbitrary JSON data. It can be used to exchange group chat, voice or video calls, IoT data, or any information you could wish to publish/subscribe via an internet-wide open persistent messaging network. VoIP calls in Matrix are done using the WebRTC standard.Many clients and services have been written based on the Matrix open standard – including Riot, a feature-rich open source client written by the team.

There are also several Open Source SDKs that make it easy to create new clients and application services – and guides to get you started!

In previous TADHacks we have seen hacks that extend Matrix to existing services such as SIP/IMS, real-time translation of text messages, chatting via sign language, and even making a robot dance the Macarena with commands sent through Matrix!

The Matrix team is available to discuss ideas or answer questions in the Matrix TADHack room – please come and chat!

Spec and APIs
Matrix SDKs and source code at github
Riot source code (web and mobile) at github