Apifonica Resources

Apifonica provides a set of building blocks to build practically any kind of voice- and SMS-enabled application imaginable. To get started with Apifonica API, you should create an account here, https://account.apifonica.com/register/, and then create an application here https://account.apifonica.com/applications/manage/. It is quite a standard design, so you’ll easily find your way around it.

TADHackers may request credits for playing with Apifonica API by sending email to developers@apifonica.com.

You can also contact us on the Apifonica channel on TADS Slack.

Your account SID and API key will be shown at API access menu at Account section of the website. These two, and application ID, combined, are your identifier when using Apifonica API.

Here’s how sending SMS messages, receiving SMS messages, getting messages history, and gathering SMS message status informaton work. Voice isn’t much complicated either, here’s about making a call, modifying a live call, call information access and call history.  

Numbers portfolio management is as well very easy: apart from purchasing or releasing a phone number, there is an API call that returns a list of countries where numbers are available for rent, or returns a list of numbers available in a specific country.  

The complete API reference is available online at apifonica.com:

Chances are, you may find something useful in our code examples in how-to section: a callback widget, two-factor authorization or CRM integration, are among them. Besides, there are code snippets for a range of typical use cases.

Also, there are SDKs for iOS (beta, developer guide), Android (beta), and node.js.

Happy hacking!