Telecom Application Developer Hackathon

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Telecom Application Development Hackathon


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Join us in 2017…

Come join the global community focused on telecom application development. Discover the latest ways to add telecommunications to your application, service or business to solve global and / or local problems that matter to you.

TADHack is the only global meeting place for people (hackers, hustlers and hipsters: developers, business-types, and designers) who want to learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.

What is TADHack?

The Telecom Application Development initiative was started in 2013 as a grassroots effort to build an ecosystem focused on telecom application development. Our mission is to bring together businesses, developers, non-coders… really anyone who is interested in using telecom capabilities in their applications, services, or businesses to solve local and global problems.

TADHack is focused on developers, technology, and creativity. It is currently the largest telecoms-focused hackathon worldwide, attracting 3000 registrations in 2016. Our sister event TADSummit focuses on the business aspects of making / saving money from telecom application development.

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Why go?

Whether you are a developer, an enterprise, a vendor or a non-coder, TADHack is here to help you…

  • Get educated on the power of telecom app development – no coding skills necessary to attend!
  • Listen to expert speakers and share best practices
  • Create hacks (prototypes) using telecom technologies to solve local or global problems that matter to you
  • Get your innovative service / platform / idea promoted and presented to the global industry
  • Meet the global community of telecom app innovators
  • Learn about the APIs, WebRTC, communications service platforms, cloud communications, decentralized / distributed web, and many other web- and IT-centric service platforms

Let’s not forget all our prizes!

How Do I Participate?

Attend one of our events worldwide or plug in remotely…

[us_iconbox icon=”globe” color=”custom” icon_color=”#00acee” bg_color=”” link=”|title:Register||”]Currently we have 1 mini-hackathon in Orlando (25 – 26 March), plus the Global event (22 – 24 September) which will run concurrently across multiple locations worldwide.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”headphones” color=”custom” icon_color=”#00acee” bg_color=””]You can join, even if you are not able to physically attend one of our hackathons. TADHack will be live-streamed, enabling teams to compete remotely…. So you can hack and win a prize, all in your pajamas![/us_iconbox]


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